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Hard Questions to Ask Before Adopting New Technology

During Kahua’s most recent webinar, “Breaking Through the Noise of Construction Capital Program Management Technology,” attendees learned how modernization in the construction industry has accelerated. The technology landscape is in constant flux. Ever-evolving industry needs and pressures from multiple angles are driving change.  

Organizations with capital programs who want to keep pace with technology often recognize they need to replace their existing Project Management Information System (PMIS). They begin searching for information and evaluating their options. But there is so much noise invading the decision process. Selecting a new PMIS is an emotional decision. The challenge is to think beyond cost and ask hard questions: 

1. Does this technology align with organizational needs? 

Organizations should define the exact purpose they want their new system to serve. The system does not need to just function; it should make things easier. Often when searching for options, people consider systems recommended by peers. But beware. Just because a system works for a peer does not mean it will work for everyone. Organizations should find a system that best fits the organization’s goals. 

Kahua is designed to adapt to all organizations’ needs. With a low-code application platform, custom apps can be configured exactly to the way organizations operate. The Kahua Platform makes it easy to customize the data model to support business processes. Adapt or extend existing objects by adding or modifying fields or create new custom objects to enable enterprise or project specific product functionality and workflow. 

2. Will users adopt this technology?  

If the new technology is not adopted by users, organizations could waste time and money. Involve stakeholders from all areas of the organization and gather feedback though the entire process including product demonstration, training and implementation. Having open and effective communication during this process should keep users updated on any changes and involved in any adjustments. Even the most solid implementation will involve some emotions while adopting, but users are more likely to accept the new technology if they feel understood and heard. 

With Kahua, organizations can be up and running quickly with a modern, intuitive user experience that will drive important levels of user adoption and satisfaction. Teams with various levels of experience will benefit from Kahua’s easy-to-use interface. 

3. Will this technology scale in the future?  

Organizations should ensure their search for technology does not just focus on current needs. They should also think about what their needs might be like in the future. What could your needs be like years from now? The technology you select should be flexible and able to grow with you. 

Kahua scales to fit any organization size, large or small. The Kahua platform delivers the highest level of performance and user experience no matter the size. Organizations can trust their capital programs will be supported through even the most aggressive growth plans. 

Organizations should ensure their selected tool will allow them to do more with less resources. They do not need a system that is more cumbersome and more time consuming than the previous manual process. A good PMIS should improve the ability for an organization to deliver projects. There are tools and platforms out there that can fit specific needs. Ask the hard questions and do not settle. 

Learn more about the questions and answers to adopting new tech by listening to the webinar today!