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Flexible Platform Allows for Tailored Risk Management Suite of Apps 

Kahua’s project management information system has flexible technology that has enabled the development of more than 600 apps to enhance software for customers’ needs. If a user envisions a process or feature/functionality that does not currently exist, it can be built.  

An example is the recent development of Kahua for Risk Management. This suite of apps was built based on a need for a project risk management toolset centered on improving safety, quality assurance, quality control, control of high-risk work operations, employee health and vendor quality.  

Construction organizations face an ever-increasing array of risks, from financial to environmental and everything in between. Shifts like emerging innovation, regulation changes and cyber threats all add new complexities to the business environment. Organizations must define clear risk strategies and join them with their processes to help minimize exposure. 

Risk Management arrives as a suite of apps and was built on the Kahua flexible platform. It can also conform exactly to an organization’s processes and be easily modified to meet the most specific needs without long and expensive development cycles. 

Kahua provides the agility to rapidly pivot with the pace of change. With Kahua, organizations do not have to wait for a software upgrade or submit a vendor request for new features and hope that what they need will make it into the next release. Kahua can handle everything from a small tweak to an existing app or the creation of an app to address a new need. 

A PMIS built on a flexible and agile platform will take organization’s projects exactly where they need to go.  

About the Author

Kathleen Edwards is a Content Manager at Kahua. She is a communications professional with over 13 years of progressive marketing experience and holds a BS in Commerce and Business Administration from the University of Alabama.

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