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Managing a Diverse & Complex Capital Construction Portfolio … Successfully    

With capital programs becoming more complex, owners are challenged with the task of managing projects of all sizes, ranging in complexity, varying delivery methods and islands of data. While managing projects requires governance, controls and discipline, managing a diverse portfolio of projects requires different approaches. One size does not fit all.  

To overcome these challenges, owners have typically leveraged multiple point solutions – or even multiple environments of a single program management information system – to address the challenges of differing cost structures, workflows, and reporting. In theory, this is a viable solution, but in practice, there are obstacles along the way in trying to enforce requirements and obtain a rolled-up view into the health of the entire portfolio.    

There is good news! Technology that offers a single source of truth and allows project teams to operate in a manner best suited for the size, scope and complexity of each project. Join our panel of experts who are managing a portfolio of complex programs every day, successfully.    

Register for our Sept. 22 webinar, “Managing a Diverse & Complex Capital Construction Portfolio,” where you will discover:   

  • What diverse and complex portfolios look like today  
  • How to set yourself up for success  
  • Technology leveraged today to manage your diverse and complex portfolio   

This webinar will feature Gary Whittle, CBRE; Brett Margosian, East Bay Municipal Utility District; and Tim LaChappelle, Parsons. It will be moderated by Kahua’s Chief Evangelist, Nicholas Johnson. 

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