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Kahua Wraps Up Summer Intern Program 

A group of 12 college students spent 12 weeks in Kahua’s Alpharetta, Georgia, office participating in the Summer Intern Program. The goal of this program was to provide learning experiences and coaching to help these interns achieve goals and adapt successfully to professional life.  

Kahua’s Intern Program is focused on real-world work, problem solving and engaging with other industry professionals to work on projects that make an impact on business. Interns had access to interactive Q&A sessions with executives, professional development activities and networking opportunities.  

In honor of National Intern’s Day, Kahua would like to recognize, celebrate and thank them for their diligent work. Here is what they had to say about their experience at Kahua, how they have been inspired and what their future holds:  

What have you learned about this industry that is most interesting?  

Annie Neal

“Before this summer, I had no idea what a job in software development looked like. Now I have an idea of what the job looks like on a day-to-day scale and how long projects can last in development.”  Annie Neal, Development Intern, University of Georgia  

Cosmin Ticu

“Getting hands-on with the platform and seeing live production features and data as well as building my own Kahua extension gave me clarity into the processes associated with a construction project. I have learned a lot about the level of granularity of documents and budgeting used by all parties involved in the construction industry.” Cosmin Ticu, Data Scientist Intern, Emory University 

Morgan Bentley

“The world of construction is so much more complicated than it can appear as from individuals not within the industry, and Kahua is tackling several large issues and hinderances within the construction environment in a straight-forward manner.”  Morgan Bentley, Professional Services Intern, Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania 

How has this internship given you experience to move forward in your career? 

Matthew Lin

“I have gotten genuine experience in the workplace. These kinds of experiences cannot be replicated in a classroom, so I am thankful to have received this opportunity to truly learn.”  Matthew Lin, Development Intern, Georgia Tech 

Annabelle Knapp

“I feel more confident and knowledgeable about this industry and believe that Kahua truly gave me the best tools to help set me up for the future. Though there is still an infinite number of different things to learn within this industry, I feel more confident in my future ability.” Annabelle Knapp, Marketing Intern, University of Alabama 

Charlie Rowe

“Any time you can put on your resume that you have worked in a growing, vibrant company such as Kahua, you have a huge leg up on many of the people that you are graduating with.”  Charlie Rowe, Sales Intern, Georgia College & State University 

Do you feel like you have made a difference at Kahua? 

Ansley Parks

“I feel as if Kahua has made a difference on me. During my time at Kahua, I have gained skills, overcome challenges, learned from my mistakes and have grown my future career more than I could have ever imagined. The company culture and employees highlight what it means to be intelligent, helpful, hardworking and caring.”  Ansley Parks, Marketing Intern, Auburn University 

Darcey Najim

“I absolutely feel like I made a difference at Kahua. Nothing I did this summer was busy work. I can see my differences in tangible ways, like looking at the website I created or the emails I drafted, but in more intangible ways as well.” Darcey Najim, Marketing Intern, University of Georgia 

“I feel I have made a difference at Kahua through projects I have worked on which hopefully will be used beyond my time at the company.”  Andrew Ford, Sales Intern, University of Georgia 

What is something you have learned in this internship that you would not have learned in a classroom? 

Parvati Menon

“At Kahua, I worked with interns who are majoring in other things; while in college, I spend most of my time only with other electrical computer engineering (ECE) majors like myself. This was a refreshing experience and broadened how I look at problems. This motivates me to seek cross-functional projects when I go back to college.” Parvati Menon​, Development Intern, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jack Clark

“Learning how today’s corporate structure works. Before this summer, I really had no idea what to expect when it pertains to how office life would operate and feel like.”
Jack Clark, Development Intern, University of Georgia


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