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A Deep Dive into Asset Centric Project Management

In the world of construction, it's natural to think of the asset – be it facility or infrastructure – as a project with a focus on completion. We start with a budget and a schedule. A fixed amount of money and a fixed amount of time. The design and construction might take a few months or a few years, but it is finite. It will end. Are you ready to operate the asset when the project ends?

Kahua’s Asset Centric Project Management capability allows for essential asset info to be tagged and stored in a data repository from the beginning of design through the construction lifecycle. When starting with the end in mind, the completed project provides asset handover that is seamless with all imperative data readily available for operations.

  • Key highlights of this demo will include:
  • Capturing asset data -Linking essential documents to the asset
  • Viewing data collection progress
  • Creating the knowledge base via an asset data repository
  •  Integrating with BIM, ESRI and/or CMMS