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Kahua is Enabling Innovation on The Kahua Network

Alpharetta, GA – July 11, 2019 – Kahua, the creator of the world’s premier cloud-based collaborative network for real estate and construction project management, is proud to announce its 100th partner has been trained on the kBuilder. kBuilder is a powerful low code/no code environment for application development on the Kahua Platform.

“We are very excited about the response we are getting from partners and customers about the kBuilder and its capabilities,” said Joe Guzman, Vice President of Partner Development for Kahua. “Our vision of building a Kahua Community to enable innovation for our customers in the real estate and construction industries is clearly taking shape.”

“Having a tool such as kBuilder is a game changer for our company,” said Roman Pereyaslavsky, Founder of Centrenium. “It allows us to build client-specific solutions in a timely manner. We can have non-programming resources trained to use kBuilder and being able to produce robust business solutions in a very short timeframe.”

The kBuilder training curriculum is designed to give users the working knowledge they need to begin delivering innovative solutions in The Kahua Network in a hands-on collaborative setting. The class is ideal for non-technical “citizen developers” that wish to build and deploy applications for their organization.

“The kBuilder training is a well-thought-out course. I left with the knowledge to work on my own, confident that I could reach out to the Kahua team if I had any issues,” said Lacey Thompson, Technical Solutions Architect at Gafcon.

To learn more about kBuilder and other training offered by Kahua, please contact

About Kahua

Kahua is changing the way that capital assets are delivered and managed. The Kahua Network is the world’s leading collaborative network for real estate and construction project management. Delivered as a secure, scalable Application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS), The Kahua Network enables users to easily share data, documents and workflows across all applications and projects. Kahua solutions improve agility, reduce risk and create competitive advantage, enabling project teams to profitably deliver owners the highest performance assets at the lowest possible cost. Kahua supports leading mobile devices and tablets, integrates with third party applications and numerous accounting systems, and enables customers and certified development partners to quickly modify existing applications or build custom applications that operate on The Kahua Network. To learn more, visit