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Kahua for Risk Management Addresses Safety Compliance, Performance

 Kahua for Risk Management Addresses Safety Compliance, Performance

Tools and strategies keep risk exposure under control

Kahua, a leading provider of capital programs and construction project management information solutions (PMIS), announces Kahua for Risk Management, a suite of project risk management applications centered on improving safety, quality control, quality assurance, control of high-risk work operations, employee health and vendor quality.

In the construction industry, complexity translates into risk that can adversely impact project performance. Risk exists in every phase of the project lifecycle, and managing it is an enormous challenge. The Kahua Risk Management Suite provides a framework to evaluate and mitigate risk with standardized digital processes across all projects that increase information flow, so teams have a more detailed view of the projects, and decision making is improved.

The Risk Management Suite has nine specific applications that can be configured to each unique program. The suite includes:

  • Checklists & Inspections
  • Safe Work Permits
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Training Profile
  • Daily Wellness
  • Fire Watch Log
  • Injury and Illness Recording
  • Compliance Documents
  • Vendor Performance
  • Risk Assessment

“The framework of the Risk Management Suite is connected in a way that allows the team to see different perspectives and gain deeper understanding of each other’s roles in the project,” said Kahua President Brian Moore. “This connection improves communication, strengthens team commitment, increases focus and raises data quality. A stronger risk management program ensures the team reaches its project goals.”

To learn more about Kahua’s risk management apps please click here for more information.

About Kahua

Kahua is a leading provider of capital programs and construction project management software. We are enabling innovation that is changing the way capital programs are planned and delivered. The world’s leading construction organizations use Kahua’s collaborative construction management solutions to improve efficiency, lower costs, and reduce project risk throughout the lifecycle of their capital programs. Our purpose-built solutions for owners, program managers, and contractors enable rapid implementation that minimizes time-to-value and enhances user adoption. And with the industry’s only low-code application platform, our customers can easily customize existing Kahua apps or even build their own new apps to run their businesses at peak efficiency today and rapidly adapt as business conditions dictate. To learn more, visit us here.