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Kahua Collaborates with ConsensusDocs in Major Update to Qualify App

Alpharetta, GA – March 14, 2018 – Kahua, the premier cloud-based project management and collaboration platform, announces a powerful new release of the Qualify app that helps subcontractors prequalify using ConsensusDocs 721, the industry standard form.

“We are extremely pleased with the industry’s response to the initial version of Qualify,” said Brian Moore, President of Kahua. “Our partnership with ConsensusDocs provides significant value to subcontractors by standardizing their communications to GCs. This will save time and better highlight subs’ accomplishments.”

The new Qualify app incorporates every question from ConsensusDocs 721 Subcontractor’s Statement of Qualifications. Subcontractors enter their information once and update it only when information changes or a project has unique requirements. The qualification information can then be easily routed to general contractors in the ConsensusDocs format.

“Our mission is to improve processes in the construction industry,” commented Brian Perlberg, Executive Director and Senior Counsel of ConsensusDocs. “By incorporating ConsensusDocs the Qualify App makes the pre-qualifying process more efficient for Subs and GCs.”

In designing the update, Kahua and development partner EZ Apps collaborated with the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) to ensure subcontractors’ needs were met.

“The ASA believes technology plays a major role in improving the business environment in the construction industry,” said Richard Bright, Chief Operating Officer of the ASA. “We are excited to work with Kahua to reduce administrative burdens for subcontractors.”

Qualify is available in the kStore, the industry’s first App Store launched in 2011. Qualify is just the latest in Kahua’s robust suite of applications designed to make subcontractors more efficient. Click here for more information on Kahua’s subcontractor solutions.

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