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Kahua Announces a New Suite of Design Management and Document Control Functionality

Alpharetta, GA – April 1, 2020  – Kahua, the provider of the world’s premiere collaborative network for real estate and construction project management, announces a new suite of Design Management and Document Control Apps that enable the management, review, approval, distribution, and markup of all design documents including Drawings, Models, Specs, and Reports.

The management of construction design documents is often more demanding than what typical file management solutions alone can provide.  On any given project, design documents can originate from many different sources, come in many different formats, and go through multiple iterations at an often-overwhelming pace.  Project teams require several tools to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the most current design, especially in the field where the actual work is being performed.

Kahua provides a Common Data Environment for program managers, owners and contractors who must coordinate the sources of all documents, enabling them to upload and submit them directly into a shared Project Drawing Log. Kahua’s new Shared Drawing Log, which is compliant with ISO 19650 standards, is designed to be easy to use and is optimized for collaboration with a modern markup toolset, as well as a collaborative commenting model to keep the project team on the same page.

As BIM adoption in the construction industry continues to grow, organizations need to ensure that models are made available to the greater project team. Kahua’s built-in Model Viewing & Collaboration enables the entire project team to have access to the valuable information which models provide without any additional software or BIM expertise required.

Drawing Revisions often need to undergo a QA Check to ensure that the revisions correspond with what was expected. Many organizations also subject newly received documents to a formal Design Review process prior to releasing them. Kahua integrates these processes into an adaptable out-of-the-box workflow, which streamlines the process of getting new revisions reviewed and into the hands of the team members that need them.

One of the last and most important steps in the Drawing Review/Approval process is releasing the documents to the correct recipients. With thousands of documents, and hundreds of potential recipients, this process can be tedious and prone to mistakes. Kahua’s new automated Release & Distribution process simplifies this step and ensures the right documents get into the right hands.

“Design Management is an integral part of the construction workflow,“ said Brian Moore, president of Kahua. “We are proud to offer functionality that allows our customers to collaboratively manage their design documents, saving them time and reducing risk.”

About Kahua

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