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Kahua and Superset Infrastructure Announce Strategic Partnership

Kahua, a leading provider of capital program and construction project management software, has announced an agreement with Superset Infrastructure  Inc. (Superset), a management consulting firm specializing in digital solutions for private and public sector organizations participating in the delivery of Public-Private Partnerships and Alternative Delivery projects.

The partnership will leverage Kahua’s platform capabilities and Superset’s expertise in P3s and Alternative Delivery to enable public and private sector organizations to successfully manage capital projects. Kahua and Superset have teamed together to deliver solutions tailored to the P3 and Alternative Delivery market, providing enabling technology to public, transportation, transit, education, justice, and healthcare clients.

Public infrastructure leaders require the ability to effectively employ various procurement models in delivering Value for Money (VfM), while advancing Value for People (VfP) and Value for Future (VfF) objectives.

Benefits can accrue to private sector players as well. Superset is committed to enabling collaborative and sustainable public infrastructure delivery, with benefits for both owners and private investors. Their mission is to modernize the delivery of capital infrastructure projects through the alignment of project teams, delivery frameworks, and fit-for-purpose technology solutions from concept to commissioning.

“Our partnership with Kahua enables us to deploy a robust combination of products and services aimed at increasing public and private sector capabilities in the delivery of Public-Private Partnership (P3) and Alternative Delivery projects.” Arthur Terechtchouk, Principal of Superset Infrastructure Inc .

With decades of experience in public infrastructure and P3 projects and contributions to the international P3 community through their leadership in the World Association of Public Private Partnership Professionals (WAPPP) Project Management Forum, Superset’s leadership emphasizes that the public infrastructure sector deserves better. Through the ideas it generates and the communities it builds, WAPPP helps shape policy choices and strategies to create more inclusive and prosperous capital investments.

“We are excited to see how Superset has been able to combine their vision and expertise with Kahua’s technology to deliver capabilities unique to P3 and alternative delivery projects. These capabilities raise the bar on the role PMIS solutions play in reducing operational risk and enabling successful project outcomes on alternative delivery projects.”  said Brian Moore, President of Kahua.

Together, our goal is to increase the number of successful project outcomes for P3 and Alternative Delivery projects through enabling digital solutions.

About Kahua

Kahua is a leading provider of capital program and construction project management software. We are enabling innovation that is changing the way that capital programs are planned and delivered. The world’s leading construction organizations use Kahua’s collaborative construction management solutions to improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce project risk throughout the entire lifecycle of their capital programs. Our purpose-built solutions for owners, program managers and contractors enable rapid implementation that minimizes time-to-value and enhances user adoption. And with the construction industry’s only low-code application platform our customers can easily customize existing Kahua apps or even build their own new apps to run their business at peak efficiency today and rapidly adapt as business conditions dictate. To learn more, visit