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Infrastructure Ontario Picks Kahua to Consolidate Capital Program Construction Management

Kahua, a leading provider of capital programs and construction project management information solutions (PMIS), announces that it’s been selected by Infrastructure Ontario (IO) as the technology platform to manage all of its large capital projects.  

IO is a Crown agency of the Province of Ontario that supports the government’s initiatives to modernize and maximize the value of public infrastructure and real estate. The agency partners with the public and private sectors to create a more connected, modern and competitive infrastructure landscape across the province. 

Some of IO’s projects over the next decade – as highlighted in its latest Market Update of projects in pre-procurement and active procurement – include 39 projects totalling more than $35 billion in estimated design and construction costs. 

Unmatched and uncomplicated configurability were key in IO choosing Kahua for its new PMIS. IO needed a solution that could be configured but that did not require a lengthy customization process. Being able to easily collect data for reporting issues in the field is one example of the many Kahua configuration capabilities that appeal to IO, as well as the ease of integration with other platforms, such as accounting, GIS and procurement systems. 

Kahua also provides valuable experience working with major government entities and extensive knowledge of P3 projects. When mixing public and private monies, it is crucial to track funds’ origination and compliance in terms of how they are utilized. Kahua for P3 is designed specifically for public-private partnership construction projects. 

IO will also utilize Kahua on projects where it provides advice and negotiation support to the government and public sector partners regarding commercial transactions, including major land developments. 

“Kahua is an excellent fit for Infrastructure Ontario’s upcoming capital projects,” said Scott Unger, Kahua CEO. “IO requires a PMIS that can handle a diverse set of needs, including superior P3 oversight and cost management. We are proud to provide that for them.” 

About Kahua 

Kahua is a leading provider of capital programs and construction project management software. We are enabling innovation that is changing the way capital programs are planned and delivered. The world’s leading construction organizations use Kahua’s collaborative construction management solutions to improve efficiency, lower costs, and reduce project risk throughout the lifecycle of their capital programs. Our purpose-built solutions for owners, program managers, and contractors enable rapid implementation that minimizes time-to-value and enhances user adoption. And with the industry’s only low-code application platform, our customers can easily customize existing Kahua apps or even build their own new apps to run their businesses at peak efficiency today and rapidly adapt as business conditions dictate. To learn more, visit us here.