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Why Would Women Work in Construction? Why Not!

The reasons that women choose to work in construction are as vast and varied as the women who are currently employed in the field. 

These 1.3 million women entered the space to experience the kind of teamwork that brings a major construction project to fruition ... to have the thrill of seeing tangible results in the form of a newly built hospital or school or government structure ... to face the challenge of excelling a male-dominated field. 

To commemorate Women in Construction Week 2024, Kahua reached out to several of its female customers and partners to gain insight on what brought them to this challenging yet highly fulfilling career. 

For Kaivolve Co-founder Cari Stieglitz, it was the chance to bring about positive change. 

“I started out in manufacturing and had an opportunity to help improve construction processes for a transportation owner,” said Stieglitz, now the president of Kaivolve. “I researched a bit and saw the industry really needed some application of technology and process. So many inefficiencies to solve!” 

When Holly Gotfredson – now the President/Owner of American Metalcraft & Finishing Dynamics – married someone already involved in manufacturing construction, she was introduced to that world. 

“I didn’t realize what a creative and innovative industry both manufacturing design, architecture and construction offered!” Gotfredson said. 

For women early in their construction careers, some seasoned mentors have advice: 

Ask questions shamelessly. Even if you think it's a dumb question or if you feel self-conscious, ASK. If you don't know the answer, it is NOT a dumb question and by asking, you are showing that you are interested in learning and growing. --- Gayle Sanders, Controller & Project Manager at BDR Partners 

Keep going! It isn't easy, but it is worth it! Also, you will find more often than not, the men on your team want to help you and want to help you learn. -- Stephanie Hajducet, Founder & Executive Director of This One's for the Gals 

Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Life brings challenges, accept the challenges and take one step at a time. Always be a learner. Remember, you can do anything! -- Cherie Chenoweth, Coordinator of Facilities | Business | Compliance at San Juan (California) Unified School District 

Be resilient and be persistent. Ask many questions and learn everything you can about your specific field and the construction industry. Take advantage of professional certification programs and networking organizations to further educate yourself about the industry and form valuable long-term relationships. -- Holly Gotfredson, Owner of American Metalcraft & Finishing Dynamics 

Your peak productivity isn't always more hours. Spend time learning about yourself, your strengths and what you have to bring to the table and find roles that maximize that. -- Cari Stieglitz, Co-founder of Kaivolve 

The construction industry is vast and offers a wide range of roles. Whether in project management, design, engineering or skilled trades, there are diverse opportunities for women with varied skill sets and interests. 

Working in construction can instill a sense of pride, especially when seeing a project through from conception to completion. The tangible results of one's efforts can be personally fulfilling. 


Interested in what opportunities Kahua has for women who would like to work in construction project management information system software? Check out our Careers page. 

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Patricia McCarter is Senior Industry Content Manager at Kahua specializing in Government and Commercial Construction. She engages in high-level executive communications, messaging strategy, social media and content marketing, bolstered by a background in journalism.

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