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Three Constants to Get Through a Crisis  

COVID is a crisis that after nearly two years is still disrupting the construction industry in multiple ways.  

Teams managing capital programs were suddenly forced into isolation, and if their programs were not modernized, collaboration was difficult. It nearly brought many programs to a screeching halt as people tried to manage updates, approvals, change orders and signoffs. 

Planning went out the window, too. Capital construction teams had to pivot, and different projects took priority as dictated by new plans and regulations. 

The truth is, COVID is not the first crisis the construction industry has faced, and it will not be the last. Owner organizations must set themselves up for success for the next event. But how can they prepare when they do not know what will happen?  

There are three constants to help owners do this: Embrace digital processes, maintain flexibility and demand data ownership. 

Read more to learn how to be prepared when the next inevitable crisis comes your way. 

About the Author

Alyce Menton is the Director of Marketing at Kahua, responsible for all strategy, content and go to market initiatives for targeted vertical market segments. Throughout her 25+ year career she has leveraged her extensive experience with marketing technologies to enable highly effective omni-channel connection and communication across a broad range of stakeholders and end users.

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