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From Office to Onstage: The Dual Talents of Ralph Barsi, Kahua VP of Sales 

Ralph Barsi, Vice President of Sales at Kahua, has an unwavering commitment to empowering the sales team and propelling Kahua to new heights. He not only excels in the corporate world but also stands out as a multifaceted musician. In this blog, we will dive into the captivating journey of Barsi's musical path, exploring his origins in music, the evolution of his band and the harmonious balance he strikes between his professional and musical roles. 

His affinity for music was kindled in the nurturing environment of a musically inclined household. His early exposure to an eclectic range of genres laid the foundation followed by his first drum lesson at the early age of three. As a concert enthusiast, he has had the privilege of witnessing iconic artists such as Buddy Rich, James Brown, Frank Sinatra and David Bowie take the stage. He enjoyed performances featuring the likes of Brian Setzer and Blind Melon to larger-than-life shows by Foo Fighters and Parliament-Funkadelic.  

The inception of Barsi's band, Segue, began in the early nineties when Barsi reconnected with two high school friends at a concert. Having recently picked up the guitar and keyboards, the trio joined forces for a jam session that marked the start of Segue. Established in January 1994, in San Rafael, California, the band's lineup has evolved over the years. Comprising friends from Barsi's formative years, Segue is a testament to the enduring power of musical camaraderie. 

Segue's identity is rooted in the soul of rock 'n' roll. The band's repertoire features a blend of original compositions and cover renditions from diverse artists, including the Black Keys, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Hives and Mother Hips. The evolution of Segue's sound is evident through the years, with songs gradually adopting shorter formats. The band's earlier songs were characterized by improvisational jams reminiscent of legendary acts like the Grateful Dead and Phish. In fact, the term segue means to transition from one song to another without interruption. Barsi commented, “We worked hard to live up to our name.”  

Segue’s records capture the evolution of their musical style and the group's dynamic presence on stage. The musical journey is etched in the records they have released over the years: 

  • "Segue" (Released: Sept. 14, 1998) 

  • "Escape Without Injury" (Released: June 18, 2002) 

  • "Yer Ebb" (Released: July 5, 2022) 

  • "Live - Under the Covers" (Released: July 14, 2004) 

Among the performances that have left a mark, Segue's 10-year anniversary show on July 17, 2004, stands as a significant memory. Notably, all eleven musicians who had contributed to Segue since its inception reunited on this momentous occasion, paying homage to a decade of artistic collaboration. 

Barsi’s musical journey has not been without its share of trials including the untimely passing of two lead singers. Yet, from this adversity emerged a spirit of commemoration and support. The creation of the Graham Milani Burke Scholarship and the Gable Heart Beats Foundation serves as a testament to the enduring impact of these musicians and the strength of their musical family. 

Despite the passage of 29 years, the bond among Segue's members remains unbreakable. While the band's performances have become less frequent, the energy they create on stage continues to captivate audiences, with their most recent show in Lake Tahoe in August 2022. 

Ralph Barsi's journey as a musician and a professional offers invaluable insight for those aspiring to embark on their own quests. “Making music with people you love is pure joy and one of the greatest gifts in life. My advice is to immerse yourself in the craft, deep enough to where the songs play you vs. the other way around.” 

Barsi's immersion in music has enriched his work perspective as well.

“I lead sales organizations with an aim to serve people and lift all boats ... from my company and team to partners and customers, to the market and its next generation of leaders.”

Barsi exemplifies what can be achieved through the convergence of diverse talents.  

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