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Celebrating Programmer’s Day with Kahua Coders

On National Programmer’s Day, Kahua would like to pay tribute to our team that brings new construction software apps to life by translating ideas into lines of code. Kahua programmers have a profound impact on the continuous improvement of our construction PMIS.  

They make the impossible possible, and Programmers Day is an occasion for Kahua to honor their brilliance, creativity and dedication as they enable our clients to thrive.  

Today, we explore the viewpoint of Application Developer Jackson Lucas and the contributions he is making to the Kahua building project management app.  

Jackson LucasJackson's journey into programming was ignited by a fascination with computers and a desire to understand their inner workings. He was drawn to the idea that programming could transform computers into tools capable of executing any task. As he dove deeper, Jackson discovered the joy of puzzle solving and the hidden creativity within coding. It was at this point that he realized he wanted to turn this interest into a lifelong career. 

At Kahua, core values are the guiding principles that shape the company's culture. For Jackson, these values resonate deeply. Among Kahua's core values, he emphasizes two: work-life balance and teamwork. In the fast-paced world of technology, work-life balance can often take a back seat, but Kahua actively encourages it, allowing Jackson to step away from work without guilt at the end of the day.  

Teamwork is another critical value, as it fosters an environment where collaboration and mutual support are celebrated. Jackson highlights how his experienced colleagues readily share their knowledge and insights, making him feel part of a tight-knit group. 

Jackson strives to keep his skills sharp and stay current with programming news and technology updates while also working on side projects. These side projects offer him opportunities to experiment with different frameworks and technologies. Each project brings unique challenges and problem-solving opportunities, helping him develop a diverse skill set. 

One of Jackson's standout projects at Kahua was a complex data migration for a client. The task involved extracting data from the client's old software solution, transforming it to fit Kahua's structure and then importing it without disrupting existing data. This project posed significant challenges, but Jackson's innovative approach enabled a successful outcome. This experience has equipped him to tackle similar projects with confidence. 

Beyond Kahua, Jackson's achievements include leading his college's Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) team as the lead electrical engineer and engine lead. Though not directly tied to programming, this experience taught him invaluable lessons in collaboration, project management and problem-solving — skills that have enriched his career as a programmer. 

Jackson's advice for aspiring programmers is simple: "Never stop learning." He encourages fellow programmers to engage in projects outside of work, no matter how small, as they offer chances to experiment, learn, validate ideas and hone problem-solving skills. All of these make programmers better equipped to tackle future challenges. Thank you to Jackson and to all our programmers who continue to shape our digital future. 


Facts about National Programmers Day 

  • National Programmers' Day is celebrated on the 256th day of the year, which usually falls on Sept. 13. This date was chosen because 256 is a significant number in the world of programming as it is the highest power of 2 that is less than 365 (the number of days in a year). 

  • Ada Lovelace is often considered the world's first computer programmer. She wrote the first algorithm for Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine in the mid-1800s. 

  • Grace Hopper, a U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, developed one of the first compilers and is credited with coining the term "bug" to describe a computer error. 

  • The demand for programmers is consistently high. It's one of the fastest-growing job sectors, and programmers are needed in various industries, from healthcare to finance to entertainment. 

  • Programming is not just about logic and problem-solving; it's also a form of creative expression. Programmers use their creativity to design user-friendly interfaces and efficient algorithms. 


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