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An Enterprise Construction Management System Doesn’t Have to Overwhelm 

If you wait until every scenario is perfect to put a new enterprise system in place to manage your construction projects and programs, you might be waiting forever. 

Every stakeholder involved in the selection and implementation of a construction project management information system (PMIS) is already busy, right? But the neat thing is, once the right PMIS is in place, the work lives of those very busy people can become more streamlined, intentional and balanced. 

Implementing a new system doesn’t have to be the overwhelming task that some might think, even if it is designed to work across the enterprise. If your out-of-the-box PMIS can be rolled out to users incrementally, it doesn’t have to be painful.   

Whether you implement it all at once or phase over time, that’s all up to you. 

Kahua’s platform allows any organization to complete a series of small deployments that add value to the business and build upon each other. Kahua also allows for full-scale deployments to be completed without much end-user interruption before flipping the switch and turning on a very customized user experience.  You can be up and running quickly with the flexibility to conform to the software over time without costly, lengthy customizable engagement with the vendor. 

Learn more about how Kahua can help you determine how much and how fast your company should implement a PMIS to best fit your team and your objectives.