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Can Federal Construction Projects Afford the Price of Poor Cost Management? 

Much is asked of the federal government. 

Provide for our education, safeguard our access to healthcare, protect us from those who would do us harm, ensure a steady income after we retire, create and maintain utility sources and infrastructure to keep us warm and on the move. 

And, yes, please do all of that on a finite budget. 

Because funds are limited for making all the above possible, it is vital that construction management technology wrought solely for federal government projects is utilized to assure that funds are managed in a transparent way. Also crucial is that reports can be created to answer the questions of all stakeholders and that data is easily accessible yet completely secure at the same time. 

The modernization of government capital program management is challenging but essential for constituents to know their tax dollars are going to the best use. 

Kahua has a construction project management information system (PMIS) specifically for federal government agencies that fits their needs for asset handover, cost management, capital planning, sources of funds, and reporting and analytics. It provides the collaboration, transparency, security that carries the weight of FedRAMP Authorization, and accountability to increase efficiency and reduce risk on these construction projects. 

Recently, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) – one of the largest transportation agencies in Canada – underwent a project to evaluate, select and go live with a new PMIS that fit all its program processes while adhering to security, regulatory, sustainability and governance requirements.  

It was Kahua, and it was a success.  

Together, KPMG Canada, Superset Infrastructure and Kahua successfully modernized over 380 manual processes and integrated data with critical systems for MTO for a go-live within 13 months, a feat unheard of when replacing legacy PMIS systems. 

Want to know how this happened? Kahua is partnering with Government Technology and KPMG on a May 17 webinar that outlines how this was accomplished. Listen as MTO shares its lessons learned on how to modernize and effectively run capital programs. 

Speakers include: 

  • Steve Risi, Associate Director of Capital Projects & Infrastructure Technology, KPMG Canada 
  • Arthur Terechtchouk, Partner Capital Advisory & Transformations, Superset Infrastructure 
  • Nicholas Johnson, Chief Evangelist, Kahua 
  • Craig Orgeron, Moderator and Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government 

Register today for the webinar, Key Insights and Lessons Learned: Ministry of Transportation PMIS Digital Transformation Journey 

About the Author

Patricia McCarter is Senior Industry Content Manager at Kahua specializing in Government and Commercial Construction. She engages in high-level executive communications, messaging strategy, social media and content marketing, bolstered by a background in journalism.

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