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Where Kahua was in 2022 … Where It’s Going in 2023

In 2022, “Where in the World is Kahua” was a good question to ask. More than two dozen Kahuans participated in well over 50 different construction management events, representing our company from Boston to Boca Raton, from Northern California to North Carolina, from New Orleans to New York. We also left our borders and participated in multiple events in Canada and in the United Kingdom.  

Our goal is always to create awareness about Kahua’s differentiators in the world of construction project management information systems. When we have the chance to collaborate with project owners and constructors in these settings, we get first-hand accounts of what’s happening in the industry and how we can evolve to fit those needs. 

Often, we look to have a speaking engagement during a conference, which can drive attendees to seek deeper answers. Thankfully, our partner community often acts as distinguished panelists, highlighting our expansive collective knowledge and presence in construction management.   

One of our mantras at Kahua is, “We can’t hire all the smart people.” That means we rely on our partner network to be experts at healthcare construction conferences, the federal government construction shows and on the public-private partnership panels.  

Who knows … maybe this coming year we will venture further. Australia? Asia? Latin America? Where in the world will you find Kahua?  

Wherever it is, we look forward to seeing you there and sharing how the power of Kahua can bring success to your projects.
Want to get a jump on the new year? Join Kahua and industry experts in a three-part webinar series, “Construction Trends in 2023.” Gain a competitive advantage over those who are in a reactive mindset by delving into: 

Join us on Jan. 24 when we’ll be talking about Construction Market Volatility with Project Partners‘ Tamim Kulaly, VP of Project Execution Solutions, and Terri Maginnis, Practice Director.

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About the Author

Nicholas Johnson is the Chief Evangelist for Kahua. He has over 40 years’ experience in the design and construction industry. He began his career as an electrical designer and drafter, that led to a role in construction IT, and then sales leadership in several leading construction project management software companies.

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