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Transform, Validate, Migrate: How to Integrate Data into New PMIS for Enterprise Growth 

They don’t call them “growing pains” for nothing. 

The very positive undertaking of expanding your company’s footprint is often accompanied by the important task of planning and executing construction to scale with the growth. When this growth takes place on the enterprise level, integration of a new project management information system (PMIS) must be effectively managed to ensure rigorous data sharing with vendors, contractors and other stakeholders. 

In the case of Floor & Décor – the Atlanta-based retailer with 160 large warehouse-format stores in 33 states – very specific requirements for a new PMIS were detailed, as the company was set to construct several new stores and redevelop existing properties to support its continued growth. 

Floor & Décor needed a system that could migrate all existing project folders and documents. The company also required that the document version history be maintained and all document versions be migrated. Only then could a seamless user experience be created for business users in the new application. 

Other needs, which are typical in most enterprise construction projects, included: 

  • Sophisticated real estate pipeline management to track target sites, documents and improve reporting capabilities 
  • Advanced dynamic workflow capabilities for budgets, contracts, change orders, pay request, purchase orders and invoices 
  • Integrated reporting across all cost entities for project and program level information 
  • Access management for ease of configuration for internal users and contractor access 
  • Electronic migration of existing data and documents 
  • Two-way data integration with MMS accounting application 
  • A templated project setup 

Floor & Décor selected Kahua’s innovative PMIS platform that provides project and cost management functionality, customizable to its needs and an open API to facilitate agile data migration and efficient integration. Kahua strategic partner OnIndus collaborated to execute document migration and improve cost tracking, and the partnership implemented gold-standard tracking by integrating the accounting software with the Kahua platform in just three months. 

With a stated wish of constructing up to 500 warehouse-styled stores, Floor & Décor now has what it needs to keep up with its growth.  

Read the entire Floor & Décor Case Study here.

About the Author

Alyce Menton is the Director of Marketing at Kahua, responsible for all strategy, content and go to market initiatives for targeted vertical market segments. Throughout her 25+ year career she has leveraged her extensive experience with marketing technologies to enable highly effective omni-channel connection and communication across a broad range of stakeholders and end users.

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