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Take the Pain Out of Software Integration

Recently, a panel of experts shared their lessons learned regarding integrations during the Kahua and Engineering News Record (ENR) webinar, “The Power of Integrations to Effectively Run Capital Programs: A Single Source of Truth.”   

Many construction organizations are overwhelmed with the thought of updating to a new project management information system (PMIS) and worry that the process of integrating their enterprise resource planning (ERP) will be expensive, slow and disruptive. The process of integration will always be detailed, but if these three best practices are followed, organizations can take the pain out of software integration: 

1. Define the strategy 

Organizations should create strategies that detail what can be replaced and what needs to be integrated. Before engaging with an integration partner, organizations should ask themselves these key questions: 

  • What business processes will be included? 
  • If given the chance to improve processes, what would change? 
  • What are the expectations for this integration? 
  • How can we determine if the integration has been successful?

2. Select a flexible system 

Some PMIS systems are fixed, meaning they only have a certain number of fields that are available to certain processes. Integrations with these types of systems are very forced and end up feeling very rigid. The system cannot fit the process the construction team needs. 

The right PMIS should adapt to an organization’s system and improve workflows and processes. Kahua understands that every business is different and can align with any business model. The platform was specifically developed to adjust to fit unique processes. This high functionality helps organizations meet current needs and scale with future goals. 

3. Streamline implementation 

Some tools may be flexible, but they are not always agile. Other PMIS require several months or even a year to implement. In that time, project demands can change, and less agile systems are not able to adjust. Organizations will spend even more time and money conforming to the new standards. 

To keep up with the rapid changes in the construction industry, organizations need rapid implementation. Kahua’s technology allows organizations to get up and running quickly so integrations can follow suit. This accelerated delivery requires significantly lower initial installation costs. Once implemented, Kahua can expand its functionality and provide even more value. 

Kahua Partner Network 

With the right system and the right stakeholders, integration does not have to be a burden. Kahua and its network of partner organizations not only provide technology but also industry knowledge and expertise. Kahua and its partners offer custom integrations with embedded solutions like DocuSign or Bluebeam; ecosystem apps like PlanGrid, Primavera, or P6; and ERP systems like Lawson, JD Edwards, SAP or Oracle.  

“Kahua gave us the tools from a platform perspective with its flexibility to create those custom business rules to fit the process that construction team needed, which is one of its biggest strengths as a PMIS platform.”  — Steve Stankiewicz, Director of Field Application Services, Clark Construction Group, LLC 

“Kahua was one of the most open and flexible platforms when we went searching a handful of years ago and has continued to expand on that flexibility and its ability to allow us to do what we need and that has also allowed us to grow.”  — Ian Hilder, Senior Technical Lead, Runding Corporation 

“Our main goal was really to flip the lights off and flip the lights back on and we are in our new system. That was our vision. And that is the best scenario to describe the project and implementation.”  — Brandon Shah, Senior Manager of Consolidated Real-estate Systems, Floor & Decor 

Ready to Integrate? 

Organizations must keep their systems updated and the construction industry is no exception. Aging digital tools may get the job done, but they are not as efficient and may impede organizations from moving forward. The fear of change should not deter organizations from making the necessary choice of updating legacy systems. Integration does not have to be a painful process. 

To hear more from the experts at Kahua, Runding Corporation, Clark Construction Group, OnIndus and Floor & Décor listen to the full webinar, “The Power of Integrations to Effectively Run Capital Programs: A Single Source of Truth.”