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Rapid and Configurable PMIS Deployment: Have the Best of Both Worlds

When choosing a new program management information system, organizations must also consider what type of implementation comes with it. Which enterprise deployment to choose – rapid or configurable – depends on what an organization’s immediate and long-term requirements are.  

Finding a solution that fits an organization best is imperative. Choosing the wrong method can impact the return on investment on the enterprise system. Time and money are two things the construction industry is under constant pressure to guard. 

Rapid implementation (also referred to as out of the box) quickly stands up a solution and minimizes downtime. This route is a good fit for any organization that has standard project scope because the implementation comes with industry templates built into the package. 

Configurable implementation takes development time to configure the PMIS to adhere to specific requirements driven by the owner to deliver a tailored setup. This route fits the unique needs of the organization based on how they run their programs. 

But for the best of both worlds, consider a solution that is changing the way organizations adopt PMIS technology. Kahua’s flexible platform combines the benefits of rapid and configurable deployment. Click here to learn more about this option that gives organizations the greatest advantage. 

Whichever route is chosen, leadership should be ready to guide its team through the adoption process. Once the system is implemented, the organization can truly start to see a return on investment.  

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Kathleen Edwards is a Content Manager at Kahua. She is a communications professional with over 13 years of progressive marketing experience and holds a BS in Commerce and Business Administration from the University of Alabama.

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