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Optimizing Your Capital Program Processes

Sage Method CEO Cari Stieglitz discusses some of the largest hurdles clients face when trying to establish new business processes.

Business processes are challenging for almost every organization, how to capture them, how to improve them and how to digitize them.

Here are some recommendations to optimize your capital program processes:

  • First, you want to bring in an outside facilitator that doesn’t have a stake in the process. They don’t have to be a consultant, but they should be trained in process improvement.
  • Make sure that everybody who’s engaged in the process is in the room during that facilitation. This approach helps everybody to understand what happens upstream and downstream from their particular step so that the overall process can be improved and waste can be eliminated.
  • Determine which industry standard or your version of that standard you are going to use to capture and improve your capital program processes.
  • There are a lot of great techniques out there for Kaizen, total quality management, including training to understand how these particular process improvement methodologies might work for you. Knowing how you’re going to document the processes and improve them will be essential to keeping them relevant.

You’re definitely going to want to follow these steps prior to any PMIS implementation. This is because digitizing a bad process becomes very painful for all those involved.

Improving your process before you digitize it is essential to maximizing your investment in the business process capture itself.

Want to hear more? Listen to the entire conversation with Cari here.

Sage Method is a management consulting firm specializing in business-driven digital transformation. As a Kahua Certified Partner, Sage leverages Kahua’s purpose-built solution for owners and Sage Method’s robust Empower.Build.Evolve. methodology to PMIS implementations.

About the Author

Cari Stieglitz is President and founding member of Sage Method, a management consulting organization that focuses on using lean methods to add value to organizations. Cari brings global experience with program management start ups and governance for large and small programs. With an emphasis on business process consulting for project management offices, Cari has successfully been balancing people, process and tools for organizations since 2003.

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