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Kahua Partners Honored at Enabling Innovation

Kahua honored top performing partner companies this week at a Partner Awards Dinner as part of its annual Enabling Innovation conference at company headquarters in Alpharetta, Ga. These partners were recognized because of the integral part they play in helping shape Kahua’s Partner Program and the overall success of Kahua. 

Companies receiving the 2022 Kahua Thriving Partner Award are:  

  • EzApps 
  • Runding Corporation 
  • Centrenium 
  • Byrne Software Technologies, Inc. 
  • SuperSet Infrastructure 
  • Stellar Services 
  • Campos Sage 
  • Procon Consulting 
  • OnIndus 

“Each of the Thriving Partner Awards recipient companies have joined the Kahua Partner Community at various points in our company history. It is hard to articulate the impact each of these companies has played in the maturity of Kahua over the years,” said Joe Guzman, Vice President of Partner Development.  

Kahua has made a strategic investment in the success of its partners. When forming the Kahua Partner Group, Kahua wanted to create an ecosystem that enables the partner companies to thrive. Each of the companies is selected for their industry knowledge, technology and expertise. These unique skillsets and relationships not only enable partner company success but Kahua’s success as well. 

Centrenium received the 2022 Kahua Core Value Award that was given to a single outstanding company for its close alignment with Kahua’s core values. When companies are qualified as partners with Kahua, they are assessed against five qualities: Customer focus; teamwork; performance; continuous improvement; work-life balance. 

Roman Pereyaslavsky, founder of Centrenium, is congratulated by Kahua Partner Development Team Grant Wruble, Joe Guzman and Austin Day.

“We would like to thank the entire Kahua family – employees, partners and clients. All of you contributed to this achievement. We are proud to stand out as a top performer that exhibits Kahua’s core values,” said Roman Pereyaslavsky, founder of Centrenium.

“What we see in Kahua makes us want to invest this level of effort. Kahua allows us to provide much better solutions for our clients. The amount of access we get with Kahua, we have never seen in any other software vendor.” 

Centrenium has leveraged the Kahua platform to create public applications since 2016. It provides consulting services on Kahua’s behalf for clients. It has had great successes with clients such as CBRE and HPE and has played a strategic role in building applications such as Sources of Funds and Phase Gates, among others. Centrenium – along with Runding and Procon – had long standing relationships at General Services Administration (GSA) and helped Kahua shape a pivotal opportunity to work together. 

“When we looked at the objective key metrics we monitor across our partners, we were looking for a company that had the greatest impact on Kahua. One partner stood out clearly,” said Guzman. “Centrenium consistently supports Kahua’s efforts and wants to make a difference. Not only do they engage with other partners, but they are also highly trusted by the Kahua team.” 


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