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How Low-Tech Walking is Improved by High-Tech Construction Management

Included in the many projects to be funded over the next five years by the $1.2 trillion federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is the $1 billion Reconnecting Communities program, with the goal of restoring access to areas interrupted by highways. Think elevated pedestrian walkways, reconfigured intersections and better crosswalks. 

Bids for these projects will be accepted through mid-October; winning bids will likely be announced in early 2023. 

While crosswalks might not immediately come to mind as integral to the mission of the Department of Transportation, these pedestrian-oriented projects are crucial to people who often don’t own cars. Walking is the most original means of getting from Point A to Point B, and providing a safer way of doing that will add to the quality of life for millions of Americans. 

Even something as low tech as walking can benefit from high tech. As government entities execute projects funded by these Reconnecting Communities monies, they will need to keep track of how every dollar is spent: What did the city match money pay for? If the state kicks in cash, how was it appropriated? Did the IIJA money get spent by the deadline placed upon it? 

Only a flexible, agile construction project management information system can make that happen. 

Kahua’s Sources of Funds capabilities streamline the dynamic management of funds across programs and projects. Users can easily define the availability and assignment methods for all funding sources and tie funding to budgets, commitments and invoices.  

Kahua’s reporting and dashboards also provide a 360-degree view of funding with historical, real-time and projected visibility to meet government reporting requirements and enable continuous improvement in managing funds. 

Learn how Kahua can help you better manage construction project funding sources, with examples of reports and tracking you will have at your fingertips. 

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