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Healthcare Innovation Council

The Kahua for Healthcare Innovation Council (HCIC), consisting of leading healthcare organizations spanning four time zones, met on May 4th to catch-up on their continuously shifting landscape. In today’s dynamic, ever-changing world of regulatory and compliance guidance and outside factors like Covid, these industry leaders have modernized the way they run their capital programs, with the agility and flexibility, to pivot and adjust plans while still maintaining the highest standard of healthcare their global brands are known for.

Each participant has had to pivot and adjust programs and budgets to meet the unforeseen risk that Covid set upon them over a year ago. During the HCIC meeting key members of the Kahua product team reviewed product enhancements that will help the industry move into their new normal with milestone tracking and forecasting, cost guards and enhanced scheduled reporting; just to name a few. The conversation then moved to Kahua’s innovation program. The group will be meeting again in the Fall to continue our collaborative efforts.

Today the HCIC includes Kahua for Healthcare customers, select development partners and Kahua team members focused on the success of healthcare capital programs. This group is already impacting the healthcare industry with input to Kahua’s healthcare specific applications addressing Infection Control, Utility Shutdown, Covid-19 and Hot Permit, just to name a few.

The Kahua for Healthcare platform addresses the capital program operational needs that are specific to healthcare owners such as full project visibility, cost management, infection control and compliance. In addition, the platform delivers the tools and flexibility needed to manage all constituents involved in a program from managing multiple sources of funds, delivering custom insightful reports to stakeholders, and managing cashflow at the project and program level.

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