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Flexible Construction Management Technology a Must in Upcoming Infrastructure Projects

When the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act was signed into law this week, it signified the largest investment ever in American roads, bridges, railways, airports, broadband and other framework that keeps a society mobile, informed, and secure.

This capital outlay can greatly upgrade crumbling transportation assets and create new means of physically and technologically connecting citizens to goods and services. We can expect these dollars to fund federal and state proposals to expand public transit expansion, replace lead water pipes, install electric vehicle charging stations and create bike lanes to keep cyclists safe.

And now that the funding to improve the country’s oft-neglected infrastructure is in place, the real work can begin. Although $1.2 trillion is a vast sum, it isn’t vast enough to pay for everything everyone wants or needs. Staying on time and on budget will be critical to stretching these dollars as far as possible, especially in an environment of burgeoning materials and labor costs.

Leaders must ensure that these capital projects are guided as intelligently as today’s technology allows to manage construction costs, documents, and processes from inception through turnover, improving efficiency and reducing risk.

As infrastructure and transportation projects evolve, it is vital for the planners and builders to have a flexible infrastructure construction information management solution that can conform to changing requirements and unknown demands.

Kahua’s capital program and project management solutions provide collaboration, transparency, security, and accountability to increase efficiency and reduce risk on federal, state and local government construction projects.

Owners, general contractors, and subcontractors who plan to be involved in these upcoming infrastructure projects can all benefit from the agile construction management solutions at Kahua.

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Patricia McCarter is Senior Industry Content Manager at Kahua specializing in Government and Commercial Construction. She engages in high-level executive communications, messaging strategy, social media and content marketing, bolstered by a background in journalism.

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