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Five signs that Your Program Management Information Solution is Not Ready for the Future – Sign 3

Sign 3 – Scaling Is Challenging, Costly and Time Consuming

You need to be confident in knowing how you are running your programs today will be able to manage increased workload and increased number of users.

Having a scalable PMIS will:

  • Save you time and money when your organization and the demands of the market continue to grow and change.
  • Save time and disruption to your operations as you will not have to introduce new technology to constantly fill gaps every few years.
  • Allow you to plan for your needs today but be ready to take on the needs of tomorrow.

How do you know if your PMIS will scale? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the response time of the system depend on how many users are logged in at one time?
  • If you are running 1 or 20 reports at a time, does the system lag?
  • Are you worried about a situation wherein if you had to add 100 new users tomorrow, how the system will support the additional workload?
  • Are you experiencing more than 1% of unplanned outages?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, brush up on your change management skills because you will most likely be deploying a new enterprise PMIS in the next year!

Get your Scalability Checklist and learn about the other four signs when determining if your program management information system is ready for the future, download Future-Proof Your Capital Program Management Strategy. Five signs that Your Program Management Information Solution is Ready for the Future.

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