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Don’t Compromise: Discover Kahua’s Scalability

Doesn’t it feel great to be prepared? You’ve established a construction timeline and plan, and you have a good idea of what lies ahead. You’re ready for it.  

Until … things change. A pandemic hits. The economy explodes or shrinks. New government regulations are issued. Downsizing becomes necessary. There’s an opportunity to acquire a company or step into a new line of business.   

If your construction project management information system can’t scale to accommodate those changes, you’re stuck. That might mean having to purchase additional point solutions or return to manual processes and spreadsheets to fill the gaps, which is costly, cumbersome and can impact collaboration capabilities.

Or, you might need to add many more PMIS users because business is booming, but this slows down response times when running reports or accessing data. 

Your PMIS – which you count on to keep you on track, on budget and on time – becomes a hindrance rather than a roadmap of how to get work done right. 

Unless … your PMIS has scalability built into its very DNA. Kahua is the only construction project management system that can scale vertically (by easily adding more users, programs and project value without slowing you down) and horizontally (by offering multiple configurations or adding modules that cover the project’s lifecycle). 

It would be awesome if we could prepare for every twist and turn that await our projects, but it just isn’t possible. But what we can do is select the technology that can scale to whatever comes our way.  

Discover how your projects can benefit from the scalability that only Kahua can provide. Compromising should never be an option!

About the Author

Patricia McCarter is Senior Industry Content Manager at Kahua specializing in Government and Commercial Construction. She engages in high-level executive communications, messaging strategy, social media and content marketing, bolstered by a background in journalism.

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