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Collaboration Takes on New Meaning at Enabling Innovation

When I attended Kahua’s Enabling Innovation for my first time in 2021, my greatest overall impression was the incredible community of companies that came together and – more importantly – their desire to work together.

Last year, Enabling Innovation was a partner-only event. Many of these partners are smaller technology consulting firms with 30 or 50 or 100 employees. A small few are one- and two-person shops. But there is also the likes of Deloitte and KPMG, Parsons, Jacobs, AECOM and CBRE, huge organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees.

Kahua President Brian Moore and CEO Scott Unger speak to customers and partners at Enabling Innovation 2022.

Many of these compete against each other for business, and what struck me during last year’s gathering was the incredible sense of community I encountered. Partner after partner talked about working with each other to serve the Kahua network in a way that together made the team stronger and the results better for their many clients. I left Enabling Innovation wondering if what I witnessed at an event would play out in reality.

This last year has validated that these folks really do operate in a way that is client driven; 82% of Kahua’s new client business this past year involved a partner company to help implement, enhance or customize our construction project management information system. And more than half involved multiple partners on the same client opportunity.

We just completed Enabling Innovation 2022, which included clients for the first time since 2019. The exchange of ideas and the spirit of collaboration in the Kahua community is stronger than ever. Much credit goes to Kahua Vice President of Partner Development Joe Guzman and Grant Wruble, Austin Day, and the entire partner team at Kahua who have created a unique business community that works together like no other. Just listen to what the attendees had to say …

My favorite aspect of Enabling Innovation is spending time with a variety of creative professionals looking to change the status quo. This event helps make good ideas great. — Dylan Hirsch, VP of Project Controls, CM Solutions

Enabling Innovation was fantastic! Gained a greater understanding of Kahua’s capabilities and varied applications. A must-see event for those who want to bring the best tools to their clients. — Scott Bini, President/ Partner at CMR Partners

It was nice meeting with my Client Success Manager, Connor Zehr. He has been a great support for me and my company, Clark Construction. It was nice to meet folks from various companies with similar issues and goals.  Learning what’s on Kahua’s roadmap was inspiring. Great conference! — Cathy Woodgate, Operations Support Specialist at Clark Construction

What I thoroughly enjoyed at Enabling Innovation was the openness and collaboration amongst the participants, Kahua, their partner network and clients. Sharing ideas and enabling discussion in this manner is a refreshing and energizing experience. — Paul Jacob, Product Services Leader at Lendlease Digital

The Enabling Innovation Conference was not only enlightening to see the vision of Kahua’s leadership with the new products, but was also informative to understand how other customers are maximizing the platform and apps. — Heather McKeen, Managing Director at CBRE

At Kahua we always say that we are different from other software companies. It’s not just our mission, which is to enable the industry to innovate. It’s not just our technology, which is the industry’s only low-code platform as a service project management solution. It’s our people, who are employees, partner companies and clients, all working to improve the built world.

Next year Enabling Innovation will once again gather exceptional people who do exceptional work. Perhaps you should plan to be there. This is an invitation only event, so contact your Kahua representative, and check us out here.

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Nicholas Johnson is the Chief Evangelist for Kahua. He has over 40 years’ experience in the design and construction industry. He began his career as an electrical designer and drafter, that led to a role in construction IT, and then sales leadership in several leading construction project management software companies.

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