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Women in Construction - Celebrating the Women of Kahua

As we wrap up Women in Construction week 2024, we looked at the industry and women’s roles, how it has evolved over the last decade and how women are mentoring the next generation to find their place in this particularly important industry.  

Today, we are going to celebrate the women of Kahua. Too often we think of women in construction as the ones on the front lines, in the filed or in the owner/general contractor organizations, but there are more that are playing a pivotal role behind the scenes!  

We have heard it a million times - the construction industry is above only agriculture in technology adoption. But that has changed over the years with more companies supporting capital programs and replacing outdated, manual processes with innovative technology.  

Enter, the women of Kahua.  

Kahua has women in about every department, developing the platform, working with clients to implement Kahua throughout their organization, assuring the success of clients and end users, educating the market on who Kahua is and the value of a platform as a service and, of course, supporting the wellbeing of each employee.  

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We spoke to a handful of these woman to find out how they entered the industry, what drives them, some lessons learned and what would they tell other woman considering a career in construction. Take a look.  

Why did you pursue a career in construction:  

I have always had a love for construction. Over 30 years ago, I bought my first of eight homes that I renovated, acting as my own GC managing the subs. I flipped all but the one I live in now. Since my "day job" and career was in technology, eventually working with a company that combines the two seemed like a natural fit. -- Karen Ford, Customer Success Manger  

Geometry and math were my favorite subjects in school. My first job was as an office clerk in a construction company. I was fascinated by reading blueprints, estimating and building structures that are tangible and serve humanity for years and centuries to come. --Leida Kapllani, Managed Services Consultant  

Because there is so much evolution and investment happening in this space! From green initiatives to upscaling existing structures (and more), there is so much happening, and I wanted to be a part of the change. --Alex Hauge, Industry Marketing Manager  

I wanted to physically see and experience what my work was accomplishing! --Amy Glowczynski, Customer Relationship Executive  

What advice would you give to woman considering a career in construction?  

Find a strong female mentor and keep in regular communication with them. --Kathleen Edwards, Content Manager, Kahua  

Understand that there is a lot of growth happening in construction, including the growth of female presence in the space. You may encounter some challenges, but there are many people who want you there and understand the value of women in the space. Stay persistent; you are important. --Alex Hague, Industry Marketing Manager  

First, just absorb and understand all the different paths you can take. Ask lots of questions and look into classes and certifications to go deeper. AND do not let anyone discourage you! --Alyce Menton, Director, Marketing  

Listen and be open to advice from those who are more seasoned than you! You can always find someone else that knows more to learn from. --Amy Glowczynski, Customer Relationship Executive  

What advice do you give other women early in your career in construction?  

It is ok to not know everything; no one expects you to, especially early in your career. Ask questions and work to be comfortable not knowing. You will vastly outperform those who pretend that they do know everything. --Alex Hague, Industry Marketing Manger  

The biggest obstacle I faced when trying to break into a management role was having someone (above me) believe in me and give me the chance to prove myself. The only way to get experience is by doing it! --Sara Giddens, Director, Industry Marketing  

Well, 20 years ago, it was making sure you knew more than others in the room. Now it is more about gaining trust of others through your actions, regardless of whether you are a manager of people or a known leader in your organization. --Amy Glowczynski, Customer Relationship Executive  

Do not stop. Stay true to yourself and stay laser focused on your goals and just keep working. Your outcomes and successes will speak for themselves over time. --Alyce Menton, Director, Marketing  

Imposture Syndrome. Avoid it, set realistic expectations and know your worth! – Alicia Pientek, Revenue Enablement Manager  

What do you find most fulfilling about your job and how it serves the construction industry?  

I work in marketing, so I find it very fulfilling when I can help someone find the right tech solution for their project. I am a beneficiary of these projects (roads, airports, schools, shopping centers, etc.), so I enjoy helping people find ways to manage these projects in a safe and cost-effective way. --Sara Giddens, Director, Industry Marketing  

Streamlining the workflow and collaboration for contractors, architects, engineers and construction managers is the most rewarding aspect of my role. By doing so, they can concentrate on productivity, ensuring that the system serves them, rather than the other way around. --Leida Kapllani, Managed Services Consultant  

I love being able to work at a company where the goal is to make people’s daily work more efficient and effective. --Amy Glowczynski, Customer Relationship Executive  

By communicating examples of how women are doing great things in construction, I believe it can help "normalize" the concept of women as leaders of construction companies, engineering businesses and architecture firms. --Patricia McCarter, Sr. Content Writer  

What is your vision for the future of women in the construction industry?  

Women in the construction industry offer a unique and complementary way of thinking and feeling, bringing a diverse range of skills to the table. They are the leaders, designers and managers who, alongside their male counterparts, will change the face of the industry. --Leida Kapllani, Managed Services Consultant  

Ensuring that women in the construction industry have equal opportunities for career advancement and leadership positions. Creating a workplace culture that supports work/life balance for working mothers. --Kathleen Edwards, Content Manager  

I believe we can reach a point where there is equality across every role in the construction industry. Whether it is CEOs, project managers, skilled tradespersons, equipment operators or architects, there will be just as many women represented as there are men. --Sara Giddens, Director, Industry Marketing  

I have encountered so many incredibly smart women in this job who are qualified to be leaders. And I believe men are becoming more amenable to the idea that women care about construction. We need parents and teachers sharing the idea that female brains are just as adept as male brains and would love to be part of building big, amazing stuff. --Patricia McCarter, Sr. Content Writer  


These interviews are only the tip of the iceberg of the amazing women who work at Kahua, who are changing the landscape of this industry with their knowledge, skillset and passion.  

If you want to be part of the Women of Kahua, check out our careers page! We are always looking to add to our group of talented, motivated colleagues. 

About the Author

Alyce Menton is the Director of Marketing at Kahua, responsible for all strategy, content and go to market initiatives for targeted vertical market segments. Throughout her 25+ year career she has leveraged her extensive experience with marketing technologies to enable highly effective omni-channel connection and communication across a broad range of stakeholders and end users.

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