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Kahua Healthcare Innovation Council Fall Meeting

On Monday November 8th, the Fall Kahua Healthcare Innovation Council (HCIC) met to continue the conversation on how to further advance technology used for capital programs; enabling facilities around the globe to deliver quality environments and experiences for patients, their loved ones, and healthcare workers.   

Today, the HCIC has members spanning five time zones. They have already changed how Kahua for Healthcare – a purpose-built version of Kahua specifically for healthcare capital programs – has evolved with apps to manage infection control, hot permits, utility shutdown and work orders, just to name a few. And they and continue to put fourth new ideas and requirements for enhanced project reports and dashboards around key indicators, liquidation reports and data ownership.   

Ideas and case studies were also presented to the group last week on the evolution of how projects are being managed today, evolving from a company focus, to project centric, to now a network model where owners, general contractors and contractors all own their own data, project record and unique internal business process, yet can share data with anyone in their network. Kahua is doing this today with many capital programs and with the HCIC’s involvement and input this will now become the new standard in how programs are run with complete transparency, efficiencies, and a collaborative network of professionals delivering quality structures around the globe.   

The Kahua for Healthcare platform addresses the capital program operational needs that are specific to healthcare owners such as full project visibility, cost management, infection control and compliance. In addition, the platform delivers the tools and flexibility needed to manage all constituents involved in a program from managing multiple sources of funds, delivering custom insightful reports to stakeholders, and managing cashflow at the project and program level.   

About the Author

Alyce Menton is the Director of Marketing at Kahua, responsible for all strategy, content and go to market initiatives for targeted vertical market segments. Throughout her 25+ year career she has leveraged her extensive experience with marketing technologies to enable highly effective omni-channel connection and communication across a broad range of stakeholders and end users.

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