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Reporting Requirements Made Easy with Data and Analytics Solutions

State and local governments are expected to deliver projects that adhere to regulatory compliances, diversity, equity and inclusion requirements and other standards. New funding opportunities, such as those made possible by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also require governments to meet different equity markers. Agencies need to streamline the tracking and reporting of performance metrics to take full advantage of future financing resources. 

Outdated in-house tactics such as manually updated spreadsheets and multiple-point solutions are not labor-efficient and increase the odds of errors. Modern tools like data and analytics software can be used to help organizations track important project metrics and generate comprehensive rundowns without draining valuable resources. Having a detailed, real-time summary of projects can keep stakeholders briefed and allow for more informed decision-making.  

Watch the Webinar On-Demand to explore what governments can do to meet reporting requirements more efficiently. In this webinar, experts cover:

  • The limitations of outdated in-house project reporting solutions 
  • What tech is available to better manage project reporting requirements
  • How to leverage data to enable continuous capital project planning improvement